A new qualification, the first of its kind, has been developed for equine assisted learning facilitators — people such as education and mental health professionals, teachers, social workers and psychologists who want to combine their love of horses with their professional skills and training.


The qualification, the OCNLR Level 4 Certificate in Facilitating Equine Assisted Learning, has been developed and approved through a partnership between specialist training provider EAQ (Equine Assisted Qualifications) Ltd and the national awarding organisation, OCN London. It is based on a successful course developed by EAQ that has been running in the UK and Australia since 2005. The aim of the qualification is to enable both existing equine assisted learning facilitators and people who want to work in this area to gain formal recognition for their knowledge and skills. EAQ® sets and monitors quality standards for its equine assisted learning centres and provides training and qualifications for facilitators and others involved with equine assisted learning. There are a number of EAQ Approved Centres in the UK and Australia offering interaction with horses for children, young people and adults leading to nationally-recognised qualifications.

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Training for Facilitators
Independently accredited training and qualifications are available for facilitators, horse professionals, tutors, assessors and practitioners of equine assisted learning. Courses run throughout the year and lead to nationally recognised qualifications.

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Interactive Sessions and Qualifications for Learners
EAQ offers interactive sessions with the horses for individuals and groups including young carers, those with life-limiting diagnosis and in recovery from life-changing surgery. There is horse-based learning leading to national qualifications for learners of all ages through EAQ's accreditation with OCN London and SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority). 

EAQ Certified Facilitators 
EAQ has a Register of Certified Facilitators who have met certain quality standards and successfully completed the EAQ Facilitator Training. The training includes horse awareness and facilitation skills. Download your Free copy of the Facilitator Training Brochure with details of how to become an EAQ Certified Facilitator. 

EAQ Approved Centres
EAQ Approved Centres have met quality standards including horse awareness, the environment and staff qualifications. They have qualified staff able to offer equine assisted learning sessions to individuals and groups from all walks of life. Some centres specialise in certain areas, such as working with adults in recovery from drug or alcohol misuse, while others focus their attention on the education of children and young people.

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