SQA National Certificate in Personal and Vocational Skills
This qualification is only available in Scotland.

SQA Credit Value: 9
SCQF Credit Points: 54
Level: Three
Minimum Age: None

This qualification is regulated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and provides a flexible and alternative range of learning opportunities for a varied group of learners with a variety of differing learning needs and interests including:
  • young people struggling with traditional schooling environments
  • adults returning to learning
  • learners who felt disengaged from learning in the past.

The qualification seeks to enable learners to follow a programme tailored to their individual learning needs, whilst at the same time achieving a nationally-recognised qualification.

Who can enrol?
You are likely to be someone who would benefit from an alternative approach to the curriculum and may already be enrolled on an alternative education programme.
You may not have achieved previoulsy in education and may need to develop your literacy and/or numeracy skills.
This award is also relevant for those seeking to return to work or enter new work areas and who are looking to update and/or add to their employment skills and knowledge. 
If you have already taken some qualifications, this award may help you to progress to further education or other training.

How old do you need to be to take this qualification?
The qualification is open to people of all ages including young people who are under 16 years of age, those who are 16-19 and adults over the age of 19. 

Do I need any previous skills or experience?
You do not need previous skills or experience to enrol for this qualification and there are no formal entry requirements.

Where will the sessions take place?
This qualification is not available in all EAQ Approved Centres, only in South Lanarkshire.

What are the topics that are coverd?
There are nine units for the full qualification including:
  • Personal Development
  • Enterprise Activity
  • Digital Communication Methods
  • Healthy Living
  • Working with Others
  • Money Management.

How do the sessions run?
You will attend sessions at times and on days to suit you and will spend time with the horses, working with them from the ground to develop your skills and learn more about the sills you need to achieve your qualification.

How much will the course cost?
The cost of the course, including resources, assessment and verification will depend on whether you enrol on a one to one or group basis. Groups are small with no more than four in the group. Please contact us for more details.

Prgoression Route
You could use this qualification to progress to the National Certificate in Personal and Vocational Skills at Level Four or other training.