Level 1 Certificate in Skills Towards Professions in Animal Care 
Guided Learning Hours: 278 - 320
Credit Value: 32
Level: One

This qualification is regulated by Ofqual and is listed on the Regulated Qualificaitions Framework (RQF). It is aimed at those people who are interested in working with animals or on farms.

Who can enrol?
You are likely to be on an alternative education programme, attending sessions for between 10 and 15 hours each week at one of the EAQ Centres This qualification is aimed at learners who are preparing for the world of work, further education or work-related study. It will help learners to understand the values and attitudes relevant fro employment and develop general employability skills needed for successful and fulfilling employment.

How old do you need to be to take this qualification?
The qualification is open to people of all ages including young people who are under 16 years of age, those who are 16-19 and adults over the age of 19. 

Do I need any previous skills or experience?
You do not need previous skills or experience to enrol for this qualification and there are no formal entry requirements.

What level is this qualification?
This is a Level One qualification which is a similar level to GCSE grades D-G.

How many hours will it take?
You will need to spend between 278 and 320 hours being guided by your tutor. There may be additonal work to do away from the course sessions. 

Where will the sessions take place?
There are EAQ Approved Centres throughout the UK which offer this qualification. Please contact us to find the details of your nearest centre.

How do the sessions run?
You will attend sessions at times and on days to suit you at your EAQ Approved Centre. You will spend time with the horses, working with them from the ground to develop your skills and learn more about the sills you need to achieve your qualification.

Here are just a few of the units within this qualification:
Developing confidence working with animals
Care of animals
Assist with feeding and watering horses
Maintain the health of horses
Grooming and washing horses.

How much will the course cost?
The cost of the course, including resources, assessment and verification will depend on whether you enrol on a one to one or group basis. Groups are small with no more than four in the group. Please contact us for more details.