The EAQ Horse Awareness Certificate programme has been designed to meet the needs of those working within the equine assisted learning sector and helps students to think of the horse in a completely different way.

Who can attend?

Anyone with an interest in improving their horse awareness or horsemanship can register for the EAQ Horse Awareness Certificate. It is relevant for horse owners and riding instructors as well as anyone working with horses and humans in an educational or therapeutic setting.

Horse Awareness Certificate Learning Outcomes
The learning outcomes include:
  • Observe and interpret horse behaviour
  • Understand horses in a herd
  • Understand how horses learn
  • Understand how to reinforce desired behaviour
  • Use energy to affect the behaviour of a loose horse
  • Use reinforcement by release to shape a desired behaviour
  • Develop feel with the horse on a lead rope
  • Help a horse to overcome fear of an object
  • Ensure the horses mental and emotional well-being
  • Reflect on your own and the horse's behaviour.
When do I submit my portfolio for assessment?
When you have gathered sufficient evidence to show how you have met the assessment criteria, including a video of yourself with horses, you can submit your portfolio for assessment. If your evidence meets the required standard, your portfolio will go through our internal quality assurance process and your certificate will be awarded.
We do not usually provide instruction and assess you during the same training session. This is because you need to show that you can meet the criteria for yourself, without being coached or instructed. When you are at a stage where you do not need instruction, then the evidence you generate can be used in your portfolio.

Can I bring my own horse?
Students usually work with our horses but if you would like to bring your own horse, please discuss this with the course tutor.

Who will lead the sessions?

Sessions will be led by EAQ Founder, Tricia Day. Tricia is passionate about the role of horses in equine assisted learning. She has written numerous books on the subject and is constantly looking for ways to help people to become more aware about the impact that they have on the horses. She has been around horses since she was three years old but says “I’ve learnt more about horses in the last 12 months than I have in the last 50 years. It seems the more I learn about them, the less I know but I am constantly fascinated by the way they seem to be able to impact on anyone in a way that is relevant for that person.”

What do others say about the course?

“As a traditionally-trained horsewoman, I had to un-learn everything that I have been taught, retraining my brain to work in this ‘horse aware’ manner.  Although challenging to re-learn in this way, it makes such sense and is so pure a way of working with horses that I would recommend this programme to any and all horse people!”

“I have been around horses all of my life, but handling them in a different way really opened up my eyes. It really focussed me to be in tune with the horse and to really understand what I am asking.”

Register for the HAC
You can register at any time, there is no need to wait for the start of a new term. Most of the Horse Awareness courses are held at our base in Dorset, but there are others organised in the UK and elsewhere. Please see the Events page for details of the next Horse Awareness Programme.