EAQ® Horse Awareness: Handling and Managing Horses in Equine Assisted Learning
From Wednesday 10 May 2017 -  09:30
To Saturday 13 May 2017 - 17:00
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Shaftesbury, Dorset
EAQ® Horse Awareness: Handling and Managing Horses in Equine Assisted Learning
Guided Learning Hours: 30
Total Qualification Time: 60
Credit Value: 6
Level: 3
The unit will be delivered with a mixture of face to face sessions, one to one mentoring and e-learning. It provides an insight into: 
  • observing and interpreting horse behaviour
  • relevant legislation for equine assisted learning
  • horse welfare including an outdoor, herd-based approach to horse care
  • horse psychology and reinforcing behaviour
  • health and safety
  • working with a horse at liberty
  • working with a horse on a halter and lead rope.
The aim of the unit is to enable learners to develop the horse awareness skills and knowledge required to handle and manage horses in equine assisted learning.

Who can enrol?
This qualification would be relevant for those people who want to gain formal recognition of their skills and knowledge in the field of equine assisted / facilitated learning including:
  • existing horse professionals 
  • those who already work as facilitators in equine assisted learning or as equine facilitated therapists or psychotherapists
  • those who have trained with an equine assisted learning organisation but who now wish to achieve a nationally-recognised qualification
  • people who want to train as assistants or facilitators.
This course would also be relevant for teachers, psychotherapists, mental health professionals, social workers, support staff, teaching assistants, key workers, natural horsemanship trainers and riding instructors.
Entry Requirements
You must be aged 19 or over to register.
What is the focus?
EAQ’s area of expertise is in equine assisted / equine facilitated learning and outdoor education, so the focus for this qualification is on the vocational areas associated with working out of doors with horses. This would be ideal for those who are planning to work or are already working in settings such as equine assisted learning centres, alternative education in an outdoor setting, forest schools and equine establishments including natural horsemanship facilities, riding schools, horse training centres, animal rescue centres, livery yards, care farms or other outdoor provision where horses interact with people.

Is this a regulated qualification?
This unit is one of the mandatory units in the OCNLR Certificate in Facilitating Equine Assitsed Learning (FEAL) regulated by Ofqual (qualification number 603/0601/4) and listed on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).
How will the unit be delivered?
You will start by attending four days of training which provides the underpinning knowledge for the unit and gives you an opportunity to practice your skills. This is followed by individual mentoring providing you with the support and guidance you need to complete the unit. 
How will I be assessed?
You will be observed and assessed during several practical demonstrations during the course and provided with feedback about your performance. You will also put together a portfolio of evidence, including video of you working with horses. You will have an assessor who will observe you working with horses and who will assess your skills against the criteria.
Progression route
‘Handling and Managing Horses in Equine Assisted Learning’ is one of the six mandatory units in the OCN London Certificate in Facilitating Equine Assisted Learning Level 4. 
The next stage in the facilitator training would be the two units:
  • Safeguarding in Equine Assisted Learning
  • Communication Skills for Facilitators of Equine Assisted Learning.
To complete the full  OCNLR Certificate in Facilitating Equine Assisted Learning Level 4. Level 4 there are a further three units to complete:
  • Planning Equine Assisted Learning
  • Managing Learner Behaviour in an Equine Assisted Learning Environment
  • Facilitate Equine Assisted Learning for Individuals and Groups.
Can I bring my own horse?
We welcome enquiries from those who wish to bring their own horse.

Who will lead the sessions?
Sessions will be led by EAQ Director, Tricia Day.

How can I book my place?
Please email us to check availability.

What do others say about the OCNLR Certificate in Facilitating Equine Assisted Learning (FEAL) Level 4?

Jacquie Mutter, Chief Executive of OCN London said:  “With the launch of this new qualification, those who already work as facilitators or who want to train to become one can now work towards formal recognition of their skills and knowledge in the emerging field of equine assisted learning. The work is highly skilled, involving dealing with people who have a wide range of emotional, physical and mental conditions. The benefits that people with a wide range of needs have experienced through contact with horses are immeasurable. So we are thrilled that this qualification will provide them with the national recognition needed and encourage others to train in this area.”